Hi! I am Bruno Geronimo. Thank you for accessing my website! :)

I am a JavaScript Software Developer since from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am 28 years old. I speak English and Brazilian Portuguese. My main speciality is back-end, but I also work with front-end development.

I also have a blog, and I write there sometimes. You can read it here.

Let's keep in touch!

Technologies that I work with


PHP, Spring Framework, Laravel, Symfony and CodeIgniter.


WordPress and Drupal.


AWS, Google Cloud Platform, G Suite and Yandex Mail for custom domains.


Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5 and SEO.


Companies that I've worked for

Software Developer

from to

at Kittl

Side Projects

URL Shortener

A URL shortener written in GoLang. The idea is to use my own domain (link) to shorten some of my urls. This app is completely focused on privacy (no tracking is activated) and one of the main goals is to not use any database server for it to work. The source-code can be checked here.

JIRA Worklog Filter

It was made for Atech to help project coordinators to track all registered worklogs from a specific period and/or a specific user in an easier way, since JIRA doesn’t have an option to filter just for worklogs. It is being developed using pure PHP with access to JIRA API’s endpoints. It can be checked online here.