Hi! I am Bruno Geronimo. Thank you for accessing my website! :)

I am a PHP and Java Software Developer since from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am 22 years old. I speak English and Brazlian Portuguese fluently. My main speciality is back-end, but I also work with front-end development. I also create articles on Medium platform, which can be checked here. Actually I'm living in Germany!

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Technologies that I work with


PHP, Spring Framework, Laravel, Symfony and CodeIgniter.


WordPress and Drupal.


AWS, Google Cloud Platform, G Suite and Yandex Mail for custom domains.


Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5 and SEO.


Companies that I've worked for

PHP Software Developer

from to

at FTI Touristik GmbH

PHP and Java Software Developer

from to

at Atech

Here I have a lot of responsabilities. I am responsible for a Web Portal developed using Drupal as CMS and MySQL as database server. This web portal is responsible to retrieve informations about India's Aerial Space, like aerodromes (Airports) and flight delays.

All information related to India's Aerial Space are retrieved from Skyflow, which is a system developed in Java and Spring as framework. It is responsible to store and control all information related to India's Aerial Space. It have a RESTful API, which is used by the Web Portal in order to retrieve live information from it.

I also had amazing experiences going to India to train our customers how to use and maintain the Web Portal working correctly. With tasks like: Creating content, managing users, replicating web and database servers, building and deploying the system, and so on. For those trainings I was responsible to create manuals, presentations and teaching, as long as tests and practical activities to execute everything together with our customers.

Here I have contact with the following technologies: PHP, Drupal, RESTful APIs, jQuery, Java, Spring Framework, and Oracle.

PHP Software Developer

from to

at Pennacorp Systems

Pennacorp have an ERP system called Icarus. It is responsible to control everything related to all companies. Like: Stock control, invoices, customers, suppliers, carriers, employeers, and so on.

I was responsible to give direct support to all customers with all kinds of questions. And also to convert features from an old system to a new one, and also develop new features for it.

One big creation that I've made working with them was an integration between Icarus and Mercado Livre (a marketplace similar to eBay), which is responsible to stock, customers, listings and purchases synchronization. The manual work of copying and pasting information from both platforms is not necessary. Also, you have options to create, update and remove listings using all information available on the system, avoiding the manual work of writing it starting from zero by yourself. The same integration was also made with Magento.

In Brazil, we must send eletronic invoices for every sale made. We do this through NF-e interface. I was responsible to create this integration with Icarus. In order to do this, I had to implement cryptography to safely store customers' digital certificates, make the connection between the system and NF-e's interface and XML and DANFE generation.

Side Projects

JIRA Worklog Filter

It was made for Atech to help project coordinators to track all registered worklogs from a specific period and/or a specific user in an easier way, since JIRA doesn’t have an option to filter just for worklogs. It is being developed using pure PHP with access to JIRA API’s endpoints. It can be checked online here.


A small application developed to help people to spread useful links through the web. All users are able to post a link without signing up. They are also able to access links from a list or a random URL just pressing a button. This project can be checked online here. Developed using PHP, Laravel and MySQL